Black Mold Symptoms

How to detect black mold symptoms if you have it? It is a well-known fact , that despite its great value for Earth ecosystem, a black mold is very harmful for man’s health. It is to be removed inside the premise as the consequences of its presence can be very considerable.

The black mold is fed by dead organic substances decomposing it into elementary ones. The black mold is propagated by spores. It is spread rapidly and it becomes quite difficult to fight with the mold.

The mold vents mycotoxins into the air, which penetrate through the respiratory apparatus to man’s organism. Another way of man’s infection is the direct contact with the mold. There are many indispositions resulted by the black mold’s influence to man’s organism.

Main symptoms of black mold poisoning

black mold can cause allergic reactionThe first symptom being infected by the mold is different allergic reactions to the cold or dust. It is very dangerous to ignore them. The other onset of the infection is stuffiness in nose and the discharge from it, breathing difficulties, headaches and pain in the throat. In order to identify the nature of the allergy, first of all, it is necessary to consult the doctor.

In some cases after the contact with the mold hyperaemia appears. It is very dangerous symptom. Appearance of skin rash, the itch and the edema are the main complaints after the man’s contact with the mold. In people, who suffer from asthma, the mold provokes new attacks. Apart from this, the weakening of immunity, nausea, diarrhea and even death can occur.

There are many methods of fighting with the mold. One of the means is the bleaching agent. Though you can’t always succeed in treating all the corners of the premise, where the mold appears, with the help of bleaching agent. In addition to this, such means cannot be applied as preventive ones and its usage is not always safe for man’s health.

How to treat black mold allergy

There are special compositions for fighting with the mold. They do not have side effects and can efficiently prevent the appearance of the fungi in the future. In order to totally remove the black mold, it is needed to examine the premise in terms of the presence of the black mold. First of all, it is necessary to stop its reproduction. For this purpose, you need to avoid the humidity in the premise and arrange good ventilation.

First of all, you should be convinced that you face the mold, so far as it can be not the mold but the fungus, which is very dangerous thing. Its spores settle the man’s organism , and for general knowledge, you will have to bring down the stucco. You know, earlier such buildings were burnt down.

What else you can do

The mold is fraught with the chronic diseases of respiratory system, even the occurrence of oncology, and also problems with the lungs, including all the consequences such as cough and rhinitis.  One can treat the walls with the vinegar and it temporarily kills the fungus.

The mold can cause the allergy, when one scratch ear, throat, skin, running eyes and it is like you cannot breath. In order to strengthen the immunity you should buy quartz lamp.

And in order to remove the mold one should open the windows as often as possible and refresh the premise. It is obligatory to be dry inside. Also one should examine those places where the mold can potentially appear, such as the walls, corners and behind the furniture. But still the main counteraction is to keep the premise in warm and refreshed. If you want to know more about removing mold from your home – I advise you to read the book “Performing Mold Remediation” by Brian Turner.

Please take into consideration that the mold can cause asthma. So the faster you remove it, the better it would be for you. Often one can catch mycotic bronchi affection, namely, aspergillosis.

The main symptoms of mold poisoning are the pain in the stomach, nausea, diarrhea, digestive disorder, fever, high temperature and vomiting. If you experience such symptoms, you should take effective sorbent which can remove unnecessary. Also it can help to remove the symptoms of food poisoning and ease the state after the food toxic infection. Don’t ignore even mild black mold symptoms – they may have serious consequences.